Tramonto al Doss del Sabion

A story that goes on

Doss del Sabion: a new goal

A tradition of hospitality

Fifty-four years of experience in hospitality and traditional cuisine. The Doss del Sabion refuge has always been a landmark for skiers and hikers since the Pinzolo cableway opened in 1969.

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Alpine look

The design of the alpine shelter, conceived and designed by architect Marco Casagrande, encapsulates everything there is to love about the breathtaking natural landscape of the Dolomites. It combines wood with unique architecture, with elegant and modern interiors in addition to the terrace where you can admire the sunrise or sunset over the mountains. What's new in the 2023 redesign: the new lounge bar housed in the facility's extension that looks toward the Brenta Group. You will find large spaces and glass windows with a strong reference to the territory for a moment of refreshment while admiring the view. The new restaurant, with table service in a completely new, warm and welcoming atmosphere to provide guests a memorable experience.


Environmental protection

We particularly care about the mountain areas, the protection of their traditions, and the support of the people who live and work in the mountain. With this vision, we apply a simple but careful policy in the daily management of the lodge: reduction in the use of resources through continuous monitoring of water, electricity and gas consumption, rational and careful management in purchase, research and preference in buying zero-mile, organic, artisanal and quality products, involvement of guests in the awareness process, especially regarding water saving, careful waste sorting at the origin with related differentiated transport downstream.

sostenibilità Doss del Sabion
sostenibilità Doss del Sabion

Focus on sustainability

In order to reduce atmospheric emissions and ensure greater energy efficiency, the insulation of the existing masonry has been carried out, along with the replacement of windows with highly energy-efficient ones. Low-energy consumption and high-efficiency equipment have been installed for both heating systems and kitchen equipment. On the roof of the building, there is a 19 kW photovoltaic system which, due to its location and orientation, performs exceptionally well and contributes to energy consumption reduction.

We are a refuge LET'S GREEN

The future of the Earth is also in your hands: let's make the difference. "Let's Green" is a call to action to experience the mountains more consciously and build -all together- a better future for all. The main goal is to reduce and eliminate plastics as well as to increase awareness and educate residents and guests about virtuous environmental behaviors. Let's move together toward a future without disposable plastics. If you choose a plastic-free shelter you are already doing your part.

let's green

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Funivie Pinzolo is CARBON NEUTRAL

Doss del Sabion is an integral part of the Funivie Pinzolo ski area. In December 2022, Funivie Pinzolo announced a new, decisive step in its sustainability journey. After obtaining its environmental certification for the first time in 2004 and renewing it until 2025, along with the integrated sustainability certification 'SI Rating' at the Start level with a score of 60%, it proudly declares carbon neutrality by both reducing and offsetting its CO₂ emissions.

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